I have tried other Pilates studios in Dallas and each one seems to follow a series of steps in a relatively set order in each private session or class. Premier Pilates Plus personalizes the work out to address individual needs and body issues, whether a sore back or tight muscles or an imbalance of strength. The workouts tone and firm your body AND make you feel better, walk taller and feel aligned and balanced. The instructors have years of experience and know what works. This studio focuses on form and attention to detail. I highly recommend Premier Pilates Plus! ~ Lauren T. 


What's made the most difference for me about what we have been working on at PPP over the last year is really getting in touch with the lower abdominals, the pelvic floor and then really expanding and contracting what you all call the diamond area. Working with that and the pelvic floor to increase my range of motion in my pelvis and in my legs. My back feels better and I feel more relaxed when sitting-more grounded. ~ Ann P.


I have been doing Pilates at Premier Pilates Plus since 2011. It's one of the best kept secrets! They offer great classes and private instruction taught by knowledgeable instructors who are all Stott trained and certified. The level of training at this studio is important to me for several reasons: I'm a yoga teacher and the instruction I receive here not only informs my body and keeps me going (believe me, there are only a few trainers/teachers that I trust to take care of me in Dallas), but I also feel very comfortable sending my clients to Premier Pilates Plus, especially those that have some injuries. I can highly recommend this studio to more experienced practitioners, those who are new to the practice and those who have injuries. ~ Shelagh M.


Love, love, love!!! I always feel like the instructors are as invested in my workout as I am. Best studio in town! ~ Karen L.


I don't ever write reviews, but I have to let people know about how Premier Pilates Plus has changed my life. I was diagnosed with osteopenia and degenerative disc disease and suffered from sever back pain which caused me to have to take prescription pain medication. I began taking classes once a week and began to feel more energetic. I then added a private session once a week. Soon after I was able to stop taking the pain meds. After my last bone scan my doctor asked me what I had been doing. I told him Pilates and he said to keep doing it because there was no change from my last scan and usually you get worse year to year. He also believes that Pilates is strengthening my core and the reason I no longer have back pain. I really recommend PPP. Don't take my word for it, try it for yourself. The proof is in the pudding. ~ Y.B.A


I love this Pilates studio. The instructors cater to my body's issues due to old injuries and my current physical challenges, while giving me a great workout. The environment is peaceful and CLEAN and the location is in central Dallas and easy to get to. ~ Gwenette J.


I am so glad I found this studio! The space is beautiful and has all kinds of equipment. Classes are small so there is TONS of one on one instruction/attention. They offer private session as well. The instructors are fun and friendly but more importantly they are very knowledgeable and continue to challenge me in every class. They are also very skilled at adapting exercises for injuries and different skill levels. As long as I live in Dallas I will never go to another studio for Pilates! ~Cameron C.